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CALS Staff

CALS Administrative Staff

  • 918-3051Library Director:
    Nate Coulter
  • 918-3008Head of Library Resources and Digital Services
    Carol Coffey
  • 918-3005Head of Public Services
    Haley Lagassé
  • 918-3031Head of Human Resources:
    Jennifer Chilcoat
  • 918-3010Head of Information Services:
    Katie Jones
  • 918-3043Head of Circulation:
    Mike Brooks
  • 918-3053System Youth Services Coordinator:
    Lisa Donovan
  • 918-3034Associate Director Operations:
    Adam Bearden
  • 918-3039Assistant Director Finance:
    Jackie Patel
  • 918-3025Development Coordinator:
    Christine Gronwald
  • 918-3070Collection Development:
    Philip Jones
  • 918-3014Interlibrary Loan:
    Lee Razer
  • 320-5710Associate Director Special Collections &
    Head of the Butler Center
    David Stricklin
  • 320-5741Clinton Project:
    Glenn Whaley
  • 320-5753Encyclopedia of Arkansas:
    Guy Lancaster
  • 918-3029Community Outreach:
    Lee Ann Hoskyn
  • 918-3098Arkansas Literary Festival:
    Brad Mooy
  • 918-3095Volunteer Coordinator:
    Angela Delaney
  • 918-3016Head of Adult Programming:
    Kristen Cooke
  • 918-3060Manager, Information Technology:
    Dawn Perry
  • 918-3084Webmaster:
    Scott Kirkhuff
  • 918-3027Head of Security:
    Jerry Smith

Branch Managers

  • 918-3019Main Library:
    Terry Dykes
  • 918-3059Main Library Youth Services:
    Ellen Samples
  • 537-3186Brooks (Wrightsville):
    Vernon Johnson, Jr.
  • 978-3870Children's Library & Learning Center:
    Don Ernst
  • 568-7494Dee Brown:
    Joe Hudak
  • 663-5457Fletcher:
    Freddy Hudson
  • 851-2551Maumelle:
    Pam Rudkin
  • 225-0066McMath:
    Laura Hodo
  • 1-501-889-2554Milam (Perryville):
    Jan Guffey
  • 457-5038Nixon (Jacksonville):
    Cindy Powell
  • 835-7756Sanders (Sherwood):
    Ginann Swindle
  • 907-5991Rooker:
    Audrey Taylor
  • 228-0129Terry:
    Natalie Marlin
  • 821-3060Thompson:
    Mary Louise Cantwell
  • 376-4282Williams:
    Latina Sheard