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Paid Time Off

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  • Board Policy #111
  • Board Approval: 09/27/01

CALS provides Paid Time Off (PTO) rather than vacation or sick leave. PTO is an all-purpose leave policy to be used for vacation, personal or family illness/doctor's appointments, and personal business. Regular employment status and introductory employment status full-time and part-time employees earn PTO hours according to the stated schedule with part-time employees earning one-half the amount of accrued hours. Employees classified as temporary employees are not eligible to accrue PTO hours.

Rate changes take effect the pay period following the employee's anniversary date.

Up to three years of credit for the purpose of PTO accrual will be granted with the Director's approval to employees who have comparable years of service in a similar position at a public or nonprofit institution. Librarians and other management personnel must have been employed in professional positions in their previous employment if requesting credit. Written credit requests must be made to the Director within 30 days of beginning work to receive possible credit toward PTO accrual.

PTO hours may be carried forward to the next calendar year to a maximum of 480 hours. Employees having more than 480 PTO hours as of the last pay period of the year will automatically have the excess hours moved to their frozen sick leave account.

Upon termination of employment, employees will be paid for unused PTO hours up to a maximum of 480 hours.

PTO Accrual Schedule (part-time employees receive one-half the stated amount).

Years of Service PTO Hours Per Pay Period
0 up to 3 7
3+ up to 9 9
9+ up to 15 10
15+ up to 20 11
20+ up to 25 12
25+ up to 30 13
30+ up to 35 14
35+ up to 40 15