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Author Event with Jay Jennings

Author Event with Jay Jennings

Thursday, November 11
6:30 p.m.
Terry Library
2015 Napa Valley Drive

Fifty years after the Little Rock 9 integration, Jay Jennings, a seasoned sports reporter and Little Rock native, wanted to track how much things had changed (and how much they had remained the same), so he convinced the notoriously reticent coach of the Central High football team, to allow him full access for a year. There is no better lens through which to examine life at Central High, and in Little Rock itself, than through football.

In CARRY THE ROCK: Race, Football, and the Soul of an American City, Jennings chronicles an entire Central High football season, from an off-season program in June through the final game in November. Jennings attended every practice and sat in on every coach's meeting, lending him a unique vantage point on the social, educational and racial bonds and fractures in the community - as well as unforgettable portrait of a season that began with the highest of hopes, only to end in frustration.